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The AI Graph

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The AI Graph

ai graphs - part 1 from davros on Vimeo.

ai graphs - part 2 from davros on Vimeo.


Quick Tips

  • Press the 'M' key to switch between Human and Vehicle AI Graphs
  • All nodes of the Human and Vehicle AI Graph must be connected.  You cannot have a section in one location of the map disconnected from another section.
  • If your AI Humans or AI Vehicles are stationary where they should be moving, check to see if there are AI nodes nearby.  Also check to see if a portion of your AI Nodes were disconnected.
  • Press the 'Ctrl' + 'K' keys to generate your AI Graph for both Human and Vehicle.



The AI graph is your guideing lines for the actors to move along. Without an AI graph, they will not move as they do not know where they can go.

The will wander off the AI paths and into areas that do not have a line, so it's not like you need to paint the whole map surface, but they will mostly follow along the lines.

Giving them a patrol path in the editor is like giving them ares/lines along which they can move. They will try to follow your directions, if the AI graph will allow them to.


Green lines = AI graphnodes and connecting lines.

Red lines = the humans/mexicans patrol path

dotted red lines = routes the AI may take...after all they do have their own minds!


Example 01 - AI wander

AI get to point A, become lost in which way to go, usually start to see them taking completely different routes all together while trying to find point B.

AI get to point B and usually do 1 of 2 things:

  1. They are able to figure out a way around to point c using the graph, and try taking 1 of the other routes available. Until they do make it to point C, they are usually useless and do nothing if they take fire. Main aim seems to be getting back to there giving plan.
  2. They fail to function any further than point B.

IPB Image

Example 02 - No clear path on the AI graph

AI have no clear way to get to point B. This may lead to non responsive behaviour and/or the AI wandering about - but they will likely get there eventually.

IPB Image

Example 03 - AI graph roughly aligns with the human/mexicans patrol path.

AI should move along with no issues.

IPB Image


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