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New Props

Page history last edited by davros123 11 years, 8 months ago

This page is for new props and is still under works 


Most props here have sounds, some of the sounds are from graw the folder itself (sounds - graw2)and some of the sounds are custom sounds (sounds - custom) that must be added to your bundle file to work.

I'll add a new post to explain how to do this later.  thanks  Radiator  


The area's marked red is not finished.



     Prop Titles

  1. Creating Customised Props - How to modify a stock prop and make it c4 attchable. Includes and example on how to make the prop "controlpanel_desk" attachable.
  2. Chatter Antenna  :- a radio antenna that can't be destroyed (by shooting or grenades) but can be destroyed by a UnitSequence . (sounds - graw2)
  3. Door  :- a door that opens by a UnitSequence (same door as tg_animated_door but has 3 random opening door sounds) . (sounds - graw2)
  4. Security Lights :- a revolving light, thats off that can be turned on. (sounds - graw2)
  5. Defcon Lights   :- a white bar light that turns red when activated. ( sounds - none)
  6. Key Pad  :- a usable wall key pad that can be used to turn on, off lights or open a door etc....(sounds - custom)
  7. Computer  :- a usable computer that can be used to trigger a event. (sounds - custom) 
  8. 2-Way Radio  :- 2-way radio with radio chatter (sounds - graw2)
  9. Mines :- a land mine that if you stand on, you go boom. (sounds - graw2)
  10. Invisible Box :- 5m x 5m box that you can see in and out but can't shoot in and out of. (sounds - none)
  11. On Off Switch :- a wall switch that can turn on or off an event ( if like fighter heli's in a mission or not) or to activate a prop (some props can only be used once - eg. the door can be opened but not closed)  ( sounds - none, but I will add some soon)
  12. Artilleries :- a very large land explosion thats triggered by UnitSequence. ( sounds - graw2) 
  13. Activate Switch  :- a wall switch that triggers an event. (alot like the On Off Switch but less scripting and can only be used once. eg. to open a door or (sounds - graw2)
  14. Road Block :- a concrete road barrier that can be removed be UnitSequence


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davros123 said

at 10:02 pm on Nov 29, 2009

WOW Rad...that's some serious updates! Thanks for all the info. mate.

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