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Modifying an existing coop mission

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Modifying an existing coop mission.

Make sure you get permission from the person who made the coop mission before releasing it (obviously does not apply for the original game missions).


  1. Extract the quick.bundle as per the bundle extraction instructions on the wiki. You'll find the quick.bundle in your "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2/bundles" folder. Note this is a BIG bundle so will take some time and space to extract. Note that changes to the missions may also have been made in the patch.bundle. This (obviously enough) contains all the patches that have been made. So it pays to extract this bundle too and use the files from there instead of the ones in the quick.bundle.
  2. When you've extracted the quick.bundle, look in it's \levels\ folder and you'll see the coop missions prefixed by "ogr_" ie ogr_quarry
  3. Copy the "ogr_<whatever>" (ie ogr_quarry) folder from the extracted quick.bundle into your "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2/data/levels/custom_levels" directory.
  4. Follow the instructions on the wiki to create an editor.bat for this map file and go into the editor and have a look at the map and the different layer (location, human, ai, etc).
  5. Have a look at the mission.xml. Print it out and study it.
  6. Open up the world_info.xml in an XML editor (XML Marker) and change the following line so that it will appear as a different name when you list the maps in the game...ie.
<world_info name="quarry" mission_time="day">


<world_info name="quarry_v1" mission_time="day">

  1. Run GRAW2 and go to multiplayer and create a lan game you'll see the map on the list as coop_quarry_v1. Play it and while you are playing th game, look at the script and think of what you saw in the editor and see if you can see how it relates to the gameplay.
  2. Change the mission (ie. mission.xml and in the map editor) as needed to play the way you want it to.
  3. bundle and release the modified game as "_v1" or whatever name you like...



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