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Page history last edited by Donald Smithson 8 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to the GRAW2 coop creation wiki. 

The aim of this wiki is to act as a central repository for the GRAW 2 coop mission creation community. To share our knowledge and collaborate with the ultimate aim of creating a repository of information that new and experienced modders alike can use to create new coop missions for GRAW2.

As a wise man once said, "Give a man a mission and he will play for a day. Teach him how to make missions and we will all be playing GRAW for a long time." or something like that.


Sponsored by GhostRecon.net


Please let us know what you think of the wiki by leaving a comment..just click here.


Alternatively, if you'd like to contribute to this wiki  request access to the wiki by clicking here.


Table of contents 

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So far people using the wiki have created the following missions with more on the way!  You can download them at ghostrecon.net.

Join the GRAW2 revolution now and start making that mission you always wanted.

Head over to ghostrecon.net and join the growing modder community on the forums for even more help and support.


The following training videos ave available also available on this wiki


This Week's Featured Video


Heli Insertions from davros on Vimeo.





Overview of this wiki


The aim of this wiki is to act as a central repository for the GRAW 2 coop mission creation community. To share our knowledge and collaborate with the ultimate aim of creating a repository of information that new and experienced modders alike can use to create new coop missions for GRAW2.


It was originally started by Davros as a place where the members of ghostrecon.net could come to store their nuggets of knowledge rather than being spread across a variety of posts in the forums.



Limited to ubi's Ghost Recon: Advanded Warfighter 2 (GR:AW2) game.

Limited to the creation of coop missions.

Excluded the creation of maps and other game mods.


Definitions and Acronyms

See separate page here.


Change Control and resposibilities

By its very nature, this wiki is a public collaboration and all registered writers are welcome to update these pages. In order to maintain a cohesive flow to the overall wiki,  it may be necessary on occasion for edits to be made to certain contributions.  Do not take any changes or amendments to your wording personally. Note that everything you type here will be available on the web immediately you save the page. So please act responsibly.

All changes to the wiki are logged and monitored. This is a serious attempt to improve the knowledge around co-op mission making for GRAW2 and any breaches of behaviour will result in removal of editing rights at the total discretion of the administrator.


Using the wiki




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Comments (22)

Rocky said

at 8:45 am on Oct 14, 2008

Looking really good Davros!

Legacy said

at 8:03 am on Oct 27, 2008

This is a very helpful wiki for someone like me who is trying to generate some new co-op maps ...... I only have two problems if I may ask them here ? 1) how do I create a world.xml file ? it seems to ignore the one in the xml folder. 2) what do I need to do with my modded coop_urban_conflict map in order to pass it on to others ? Many thanks for the wiki .... its wikid !!

Only one other thing to add .... the vids are very helpful too ...... brilliant work ... we are not worthy .... hopefully soon I may be able to contribute

davros123 said

at 9:11 am on Oct 27, 2008

Thanks Legacy for taking the time to post. Glad you like it, and look forward to your contribution (and mission).

re. Q1, Have you deleted all the .xmb files in your mission folder? They are compiled .xml's and if they exist, take precidence over the "raw" .xml. You do not need them, so just delete them from the mission folder. I'll make that a bit clearer in the wiki. Try that and post over at ghostrecon.net if you are still having problems.

Re. Q2/ publishing your coop mission, I've yet to write that secion of the wiki....but will start to write this up tonight. It's basically the exact reverse of the unbundle. You put all your mission files in a folder and run the bundler to bundle them into a .bundle file. Done.

Suggest the best way to ask more questions is to register at the forums over at ghostrecon.net (or this section of the wiki will get very long!) Post your coop making questions in :GR:AW 2 - Mission Modding". There are a number of experienced modders over there and hopefully, a few new ones too.

Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to create a mission.

Legacy said

at 9:32 am on Oct 27, 2008

Thanks for the info ....... will give the bundling a go tomorrow .... bedtime now .... still not clear on *.xmb removal but again will have a go tomorrow and if not will post on GR.net
thanks again


Legacy said

at 11:33 pm on Nov 1, 2008


Hope you don't mind me editing for Vista users as I go along, if your not happy with the format (ie. Bold/Underling) let me know how you would prefer it and I will oblige.

For all other viewers ....... try to leave a comment good/bad/indifferent ..... give some guidance as to what you would like to see !


Rocky said

at 3:54 am on Nov 6, 2008

No scrolling required here... looks fantastic! Nice job and I like the forum integration, very neat!

Legacy said

at 12:14 am on Nov 18, 2008

Hey mate

Thanks for the plug about the mission .... made me giggle


Bionic said

at 11:20 pm on Apr 3, 2009

Thanks for help.

Anzio Bake said

at 12:09 am on Jun 24, 2009

Hi Guys

Been wanting to try my hand at this for a while. My Girlfriend just loves the maps / missions that have been produced so we decided that we would try our hand at setting up a coop game.

Thanks for all the effort that you guys have put into the resurgances of GRAW2

Radiator said

at 11:31 am on Jun 25, 2009

Hi Anzio bake, are you trying to make a coop mission or have a coop match ( team V team) ??

Anzio Bake said

at 5:27 pm on Jul 6, 2009

Hi Radiator

I am setting up a Coop Mission. I am trying to do a Heli fast rope insertion. I can get the ghost into the heli. Then they lift off but do not fly to the cordinates given. a bit weird

Radiator said

at 8:46 am on Jul 7, 2009

Anzio bake are you using OrderHeli
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="YOUR HELI NAME" order="move" position="-7036.187 -30962.246 3012.9048" speed="1.0" target="true" start_time="7.0" />
You most give some time for the heli to get to it's position before you call for the next order.
(you get in the heli, the heli lift off at start_time="5.0", then you order the heli to your position start_time="10.0", then to a 2nd position start_time="25.0" etc..)
If you don't give the heli time, all the elements will call at the same time. So only one element works.
This is some of my heli orders in my map BlackHawkDown.
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli_return" order="move" up="7000" forward="800" speed="0.8" start_time="3.0" />
<element type="SetHeliCloseDoors" vehicle_id="heli_return" start_time="3.5" />
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli_return" order="move" position="-7036.187 -30962.246 3012.9048" speed="1.0" target="true" start_time="5.0" />
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli_return" order="move" position="7408.4404 -7297.94683 3012.9048" speed="1.0" target="true" start_time="25.5" />
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli_return" order="move" position="16408.936 -14300.972 3012.9048" speed="2.0" target="true" start_time="56.0" />
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli_return" order="move" position="8428.332 -44789.25 936.07117" speed="0.8" target="true" start_time="66.0" />
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli_return" order="land" position="8428.332 -44789.25 936.07117" speed="0.25" target="true" start_time="76.0" />
<element type="SetHeliStand" vehicle_id="heli_return" start_time="84.0" />
Have Fun

Anzio Bake said

at 7:38 am on Jul 11, 2009

Thanks Radiator. Been trying to set up a new pC this week so have not touched this again but I will give it a go this weekend'

sparthir said

at 9:49 pm on Jul 30, 2009

Love the wiki!

I was wondering how someone goes about creating the actual landscapes? Are there free tools out there to create them?

davros123 said

at 5:49 pm on Aug 20, 2009

Thanks for the comment and sorry for the long delay in replying!
I think you need to create them in 3dsMax (I think v8)...but best to go to http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showforum=197 and ask there as there are people on there who can assist you.


Radiator said

at 12:30 pm on Nov 9, 2009

Anzio Bake just copy the heli post I did 4 posts up and then change the position (="-7036.187 -30962.246 3012.9048") I see that you have order=land
<element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id = "heli01" start_time = "10"/>
<element type="SetTransportType" vehicle_id="heli01" transport_type="insertion" start_time="11"/>
<element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="heli01" (order="land") position ="-24167.412 -9068.7129 361.11453" speed ="0.62" start_time = "11"/>
you need that last, so you can get out of the heli. PM me at graw if you have no luck.


Chris OBrien said

at 3:44 am on Feb 11, 2010

Havent connected in a while, but the site is looking darn good. Congrats on keeping the interested community in the know.


Radiator said

at 1:26 pm on Mar 11, 2010

Can someone give me back the access to the workshop, so I can edit the new props plz..

davros123 said

at 9:24 pm on Mar 16, 2010

Sorry mate, you had a diff. registered email...all done :)

Radiator said

at 9:50 am on Mar 17, 2010

Geeees I didn't think of that, had the same problem a graw.net Thanks mate..
I ll add the new sound rego page tonight.

Radiator said

at 10:24 am on Jun 25, 2010

Has any one seen Davro, are you alive mate.

davros123 said

at 12:08 am on Aug 15, 2010

Yep...I am alive...just hibernating :) Saw you finished the mission. Well done! Hope all is well mate. Will have some time to chat soon I hope.

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