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Chatter Antenna

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Download the ANTENNA mod from here.

To do this you need to click here to download this file and place the 4 files into your data directory.

The files are as follows...

<graw2>\data\units\props\u_rad_chatter_antenna .xml


<graw2>data\objects\props\rad_chatter_antenna \rad_chatter_antenna .diesel

<graw2>data\objects\props\rad_chatter_antenna \rad_chatter_antenna .xml

<graw2>data\objects\props\rad_chatter_antenna \materials.xml


Making the antenna name unique to your mission to avaoid conflicts

You'll need to make some changes to these files to prevent any conflicts with other people also using antennas in thier missions.  Let's say your mission is called "blackhawk_down", (note: Radiator has already used this name so don't name your mission this!)


To make the antenna work for your mission and not conflict with any other bundles, do the following steps....

1) rename "u_rad_chatter_antenna.xml" to "u_rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down.xml" in your units folder.

2) Change it's contents to match the following bold text, note the new prop name.

    <unit type="prop" name="rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down" slot="13">
  <network sync="bodies"/>
  <model file="\props\rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down\rad_chatter_antenna.xml"/>
  <script_class name="base" class="Base"/>
  <script_class name="damage" class="DamageSystem"/>
  <script_class name="nav" class="NavDynamic"/>
  <stats block="base_data">
  <xi:include href="/data/units/mass.xml#xpointer(/mass/mass_object_medium/*)"/>

3) in your objects folder, change the prop directory name from "data\objects\props\rad_chatter_antenna\" to "data\objects\props\rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down\" 

4) change the directory path in your rad_chatter_antenna.xml to reflect the new path


<diesel file="data/objects/props/rad_chatter_antenna/rad_chatter_antenna.diesel" materials="data/objects/props/rad_chatter_antenna/materials.xml" orientation_object="root_point"/>
 changes to....

<diesel file="data/objects/props/rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down/rad_chatter_antenna.diesel" materials="data/objects/props/rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down/materials.xml" 

Done! Now you'll have :


<graw2>\data\units\props\u_rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down.xml   <--- and updated the .xml as per step 2.



<graw2>data\objects\props\rad_chatter_antenna_blackhawk_down\rad_chatter_antenna.xml <--- and updated the .xml as per step 4.



Make sure you include these files when you bundle your mission for testing and release.


You can now open up your mission in the graw editor.


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