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Adding Audio and Video

Page history last edited by Donald Smithson 13 years, 1 month ago


Adding Sound


Adding sound can add to the overall gaming experience of your mission.  There are just a few processes to note to make your sound function as you indicate.  GRAW2 uses "Bank Managers" to compile all of their audio files.  It is highly recommended that you download Nemon's Bank Manager so that you can listen to the music and sound wav files within each bank.  You can download it here -> http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=996 


For ambient, mood and memorable music and sounds for your missions, you must enter the sound file(s) that you pull the music from in the world_info.xml as well as add the type.  Please see below for an example.



<soundbank name="act04_memo_music_sound" type="memorable"/>

<soundbank name="ambience_industrial_war_sound" type="ambient"/>

<soundbank name="music_act03_sound" type="mood"/>



For NARCOM video, general sounds, chatter between ghosts, etc., you do not need to load each individual bank to where you pull in the sound.  Note that the more sound that you reference in the world_info.xml, the more memory that you will use as all are preloaded.


Occasional Sound Effects

The occasional sound effects are sounds like rolling waves on the island maps, chirping birds in the woods or the distant cannon fire in a shanty town.  To add occasional sound effects, enter this line in your mission.xml


<element type="PlaySound" cue="generic_occasional" player_type = "team_a" location="anywhere" start_time="1"/>


Typically, for coop maps you will want to put this line in the "start_mission" event to begin random occasional sounds.  If I continue to use the world_info.xml sounds that I preloaded, you would begin to hear industrial war sounds from the sound bank located in your data\sounds\environment\ambience_industrial_war directory.  For a full list of effects, use the Nemon Bank Manger and open the ambience_industrial_war_sound.bank.



Dynamic Mood Music


Dynamic mood music changes automatically according to the activity within the game.  You can also force the volume and intensity of the mood music that you wish to play.  Once again, assure that you have added the appropriate line in the world_info.xml.


Add the following line to begin your mood music:

<element type="PlayDynamicMusic" start_time="1"/>


You can also change the intensity and mood of your mood music by adding one of the following lines:

<element type="ForceMusic" mood="suspense" intensity="1" start_time="1"/>

<element type="ForceMusic" mood="combat" intensity="4" start_time="1"/>

Note that each wav file will play through it's entire sequence and will auto transition to the next mood and intensity level very smoothly.  To find out more about the "ForceMusic" switches, go to page 44 of the GRAW2 Scripting for Beginners Guide.



Memorable Music


Adding NARCOM Videos


The NARCOM video sequences that appear in the upper right hand portion of your screen are fairly easy to add to create additional moods, urgency, alert your players, etc.  The NARCOM Videos for GRAW2 are already preset within the actor managers located in your data\lib\managers\xml section and contain a combination of sounds (located in the data\sounds\missions folder) and Bink movies (located in the data\movies folder).


To add a NARCOM video, just add the following line in one of your events:

<element type="Actor" actor="m10_objective02_c" start_time="0"/>

The actor="m10_objective02_c" is the combination of movies and audio that you would find in the actor_manager_m10.xml.


The most difficult portion about adding the NARCOM sequences is reviewing and sorting out all of the sequences in the actor_manager_{mission}.xml files, and then listening to all of the audio files.  So to make things a little easier, I've compiled a list of generic NARCOM sequences that you can use to add to your coop or campaign missions.  Please note that there is nothing that you need to add to the world_info.xml to make these work.


Generic NARCOM Videos

Actor Sequence (this is what you put into the actor="enter here" Mission Narcom Character(s) Statement
m01_radio 01 Steve Calme Whoa what's that Ghost Leader.  I think you have an enemy intel station here.  Destroy it quickly and we may avoid a nasty surprise in the future.
m01_first_artillery_jos 01 Rosen Great, you found the first artillery piece.  Destroy it.
m01_artillery_destroyed_jos 01 Rosen Now we're talking Captain.  One more to go.
m01_c4_placed 01 Steve Calme Great work Captain.  Get your team across the bridge
m01_negative 01 Steve Calme Negative Captain, you must get your team first
m02_nar_3 02 Rosen Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about, Captain!  I’d say you pretty much opened up a hole. 
m02_nar_4 02 Rosen Now clear the camp
m02_nar_4b 02 Steve Calme Sup is on it's way
m02_nar_4c 02 Rosen Have your guys keep it loose, Captain.  I have a feeling we’re just getting started
m02_nar_5 02 Ghost

Like a ghost town

Then we should be right at home. Okay, people.  Look alive
m02_nar_6 02 Mitchell Target is down
m02_nar_8 02 Blackhawk Blackhawk Five is now at the extraction point
m02_nar_9 02 Blackhawk Welcome aboard ,Captain
m02_nar_10 02 Rosen Hey, Buddy.  Buckle up, back there
m03_insert2 03 Blackhawk Now at the target zone.  Prepare for insertion
m03_gameover 03 Steve Calme Damn, our allies are dead.  It took too long for you to secure the area.  I guess you cannot win all of the time.
m03_bonus_warning 03 Rosen Mitchell, look alive.  You’re now approaching a hostile zone
m03_bonus_1a 03 Gen Keating Mitchell!  We’re now picking up multiple hostile amour advancing on your position.  I’m supposed to keep your presence here dark so I can’t offer ... (sigh] Ah, damn it.   I’m giving you support, son ... Just do me a favor and finish this.  And I mean QUICK, soldier
m03_bonus_1b 03 Steve Calme That's one camp down Ghost leader… Parts of the area is clear. Intel says we have supporting forces en route to your position
m03_bonus_5 03 Steve Calme Another one bites the dust… We have reports on additional enemy anti air support still left in the area. Sneak and peak
m03_bonus_6 03 Steve Calme That's it! Enemy anti air support should be gone in the area. We'll send in some air support for you. You've got heavy enemy forces in the area. Go get them
m03_farsupport 03 F15 Pilot Male Captain David Crenshaw, Black Jaguars leader, United States Air Force, at your service Captain Mitchell.  Make the call
m03_hidden_bunker 03 Steve Calme This place looks fortified. Intel has no information on this location at all. Stay frosty team and watch out for heavy shooters in there
m03_bonus_compl 03 Steve Calme Amazing work ghosts! You wiped out their last defenses. The road is clear now. Head for the main objective… repeat, head for the main objective
m03_tanks_spotted 03 Steve Calme Whoa! They've got tanks guarding this place. Stay low ghost team. We're trying to get some additional intel on this situation
m03_rebel_waypoint 03 Steve Calme Amazing work ghosts! You wiped out their last defenses. The road is clear now. Head for the main objective… repeat, head for the main objective

remember you got backup waiting
m04_nar_7 04 Rosen Great work, Scott.  That about clears the zone
m04_nar_10 04 Steve Calme Captain! A rebel convoy is heading straight for your rally point
m04_nar_10b 04 Gen Keating Fantastic work, Bravo
m04_nar_13 04 Steve Calme Watch out! You've got an incoming heavy right behind your reinforcements
m04_nar_15 04 Jimenez Captain Mitchell, we need the area cleared before we extract you but be careful.  They have multiple snipers on the roofs overhead
m04_nar_16 04 Jimenez Yes, Captain!  Good shooting.  But, careful. There’s still more shooters
m04_nar_17 04 Jimenez Excellent, Captain!  Excellent
m04_nar_19 04 Jimenez Okay. The zone is clear. Let’s move to the extraction point, Captain
m04_nar_ex_01 04 Steve Calme The loyalists are under heavy fire Captain
m04_nar_ex_02 04 Steve Calme You are losing them! Take out the enemy forces now
m04_nar_ex_03 04 Steve Calme We don't have time for this. Clear the area NOW
m05_obj2_p1 05 Rosen Great work Captain, proceed to the next target
m05_obj3_chopper_done 05 Steve Calme The hostile insertion team is toast.  Way to go
m05_obj5_p2a 05 Rosen LETS GO SCOTT.. WERE TAKING.. FIRE AND... CANNOT
m05_obj5_p5 05 Pickup Driver Keep it together just a little longer Captain.  I'm on my way
m05_obj5_p7 05 Pickup Driver Go Go Go Captain, Move!
m06_radio_chatter_b 06 Gen Keating **Only Static over Narcom**
m06_after_crash 06 Ghost Man Down! Out Out Out …. Arrrg
m06_reach_facility 06 Keating

You had me worried son.  Don't be getting yourself killed on my watch and that is a direct order
Sorry sir, won't happen again
m06_rb_cleared 06 Steve Calme Area Cleared
m06_facility_helis 06 Gen Keating Mitchell, you have multiple air threats inbound.  You need to take those out so we can arrange your extraction
m06_zone_secured 06 Gen Keating First rate soldiering, Mitchell. Air space is now clear.  We have a Blackhawk orbiting the extraction zone, so move it
m06_enemy_reinforements 06 Gen Keating Stay frosty Mitchell.  We have buku hostiles in the zone and they are all looking for you
m07_insert_patrol 07 Mitchell Target is down
m07_wreck 07 Steve Calme Wreck eliminated.  Good Job Captain
m07_wreck_c4 07 Steve Calme Look at this baby Mitchell.  I guess you want a spare C4 pack to blow this up
m07_found_pilot 07 1Rosen


Gen Keating
Scott, Man I am glad to see you

General, we have the package

We'll break out the cigars later, just get to the extraction zone
m07_reach_extraction 07 Gen Keating Mitchell, the zone it too hot for evac.  You will need to clean the area before we can put a bird down
m07_zone_cleared 07 1Mitchell

Gen Keating
Zone Secured Waiting on that bird Sir

Its coming Captain, double time it to the extraction point
m07_end_01 07 Steve Calme Perfect operation, Scott.  In and out, It's like you never existed.
m07_end_02 07 1Steve

Perfect operation, Scott.  In and out, It's like you never existed.

Because we don't, we're Ghosts
m07_end_nc 07 Steve Calme Time to leave.  Sit back and enjoy the fireworks
m07_end_ghosts 07 Mitchell Because we don't, we're ghosts
m08_insertion 08 Rosen In and out, Scott.  In and out
m08_mortar1 08 Rosen Mortar fire!  Cover
m08_mortar4 08 NONE Boom baby! Hostile support is gone. You're all clear now team
m08_wave2 08 Rosen Scott, more hostiles are descending on your position.  Hold
m08_wave3 08 Rosen You’ve got fresh hostiles inbound. Repeat, multiple hostiles. Dig in, Scott
m08_obj4 08 1Keating

SAT intel shows a massive build up of rebels at a building complex near your twenty.  The rebel leader may be there.  The location should be on your HUD.  Proceed there immediately

Okay, Scott.  It’s not going to be easy to reach your primary—there are multiple hostiles in the zone—so let me see if I can rustle up some far support.
m08_obj4_nag 08 Rosen Pick up the pace, Scott.  The rebels are mobilizing at your position
m08_obj4_mule 08 Steve Calme That was a tight squeeze ghost leader. Good job taking them out. Intel says the primary target zone is crammed with heavies. Stay frosty and watch your six
m08_obj4_tanks 08 Rosen Well done, Scott.  I think that’s the last of those tanks
m08_obj4_havoc_nag1 08 Rosen Take the shot, Scott.  TAKE THE SHOT
m08_obj4_havoc_nag2 08 Rosen Scott, get it together!  TAKE THE FREAKING SHOT
m08_havoc_dead 08 Rosen YEAH!!!

General, VIP is down. Mitchell nailed his ass!  Repeat: Primary Objective is down
m08_extract_wp_talk 08 Steve Calme This ain't over yet ghost team. Get to the extraction point pronto. You're heading out
m09_get_objective_again 09 Gen Keating Mitchell, secure the entire facility before moving forward.  I want these guys taken care of once and for all
m10_objective02_a 10 Rosen Scott, I know you have a serious mess on your hands, but you have to hold your position.  Just hang tight, support is on it's way
m10_objective02_b 10 Tank Driver Capt Mitchell, you have US heavies in under 5.  Hand on Sir
m10_objective02_c 10 F15 Pilot Female Captain, we are airborne and closing on your position.  Save some action for us sir.
m10_objective03_a 10 Rosen Oh yea, you guys kicked some serious butt
m10_objective04_b 10 Rosen Scott, just a heads up, watch out for those RPGs
m10_objective04_bonus 10 Steve Calme Intel reports enemy activity south-southeast of your current position.  I'll tag the area for you in the hud.  Stay alert Ghost Team
m10_objective04_nobonus 10 Rosen Captain, look alive, you have a convoy approaching your position
m10_hurry 10 Rosen Scott, I have General Keating all over me.  Come on man, get this done!
m10_mortar 10 Rosen Mortar fire!  Cover
m10_objective06_b 10 F15 Male

Cpt Mitchell is standing in my blast radius.  If I neutralize the target, I.. Um…

Just shut up and do your job.  Besides, how will you hit your target without someone to spot it.
m10_objective06_d 10 F15 Male

Gen Keating
General, out of time, need to fire

Proceed on target.  Mitchell, find a rock, a big rock and get under it.  And one more thing… You are the finest soldier … bla bla
m10_final 10 1Steve

I don't get any life reading, General, it might already be too late

Don't die on me soldier, do you hear me, medivac (panicked voice)
m10_final2 10 Rosen I'm at your position.. Just hold on buddy … soldier … you're going home.
m08_bravo1_2a 8 1Keating


Bravo, I need a sitrep

General, we’ve lost Target Two. Repeat: Target Two is not at this position and must be on the move

That is UNACCEPTABLE, Bravo! That device must be found. And now
m08_obj4_havoc_left 8 Rosen We’ve lost visual on VIP’s Havoc!!  We’ve lost it
m08_obj1_half 8 Rosen Yeah, Scott.  Great work.  We’re still showing a second Double A in the zone.  We’ll need to take that out before you can proceed to the primary. 
m08_obj1_nag1 8 Gen Keating Mitchell, what’s the hold up?  I need that other Double A taken out ... and I mean soonest, soldier
m08_obj1_nag2 8 Gen Keating Mitchell, what’s the hold up?  We need to neutralize al the double A’s 
m08_mortar3 8 Steve Calme Any second now… We have hostile heavies to the southwest. Targeting for airstrike
m00_tut_07 Training Steve Calme Don't forget to reload…Believe me it is better…bla bla .. Save taxpayers
m00_tut_10 Training Steve Calme When you're done, head over to one of the other fields for training
m00_tut_12 Training Steve Calme GREAT!! Go On Mitchell
m00_tut_21 Training Steve Calme Alright, enough of that.  Listen up soldiers, mitchell is going to make sure you warm up before the real deal.  Make sure you stay alert to his orders to avoid as much confusion as possible.  Am I making myself clear.
m00_tut_22 Training Steve Calme They are all yours Captain, just point and yell
m00_tut_32 Training Steve Calme Mitchell, don't forget your men and don't try to be hero.  Make sure you move as a group and try to plan ahead.
m00_tut_34 Training Steve Calme Great.  One down, keep going
m00_tut_37 Training Steve Calme Wait for it… Wait for it… FIRE!
m00_tut_38 Training Steve Calme Stop! Stop! Lets try it again.  Make sure your men don't fire too soon!
m00_tut_39 Training Steve Calme OK, Ready… Go!!
m00_tut_40 Training Steve Calme Alright, all done.  Make your way to the extraction point.

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